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Musician & Visual Artist

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  • Ma De Re Sha demonstrates a dizzying range of technique and tone, while the compositions make a highly electrified fusion mix that borrows from Joe Satriani as much as John McLaughlin
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Rahul is a multi-award winning musician based in Maryland. Born in India, he has been performing live for over twenty years. He has had a varied performing career that has included stints in Chicago, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and India.

Rahul has been featured on a wide array of recordings. His pieces are featured in movies, plays, animations, and podcasts. His music has been aired on national and international radio stations. He also scored the official music for the Fractal Forums web episodes.

Rahul has been featured in prominent international music magazines such as Vintage Guitar, Guitar Player, Songlines and Pipeline. Additionally, he is also a guest Guitar Instructor on the Shred Academy website.

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As a visual artist, Rahul's artwork has been featured and used by International artists and local artists alike. He routinely exhibits his work in the greater Washington D.C. area and was hand picked to display his art at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and one of five artists to inaugurate the Canal Park opening in Washington D.C.

Rahul pursues a wide array of mediums, with respect to his art. These range from the traditional to the digital domain. His current interests include:

  Wood Burning       Fractal Imagery       Fabric Print Design       Fractal Animation    
  Poster Designs       Digital Sketches       Filter Photography       Album Cover Designs    
  Spray Painting       Website Designs       Digital Animation       Traditional Sketching    

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